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Wayne D. Hoyer


Wayne D. Hoyer holds the James L. Bayless/William S. Farrish Fund Chair for Free Enterprise. Dr. Hoyer joined the faculty of The University of Texas in the Spring of 1981 after receiving his Ph.D. (1980), M.S. (1979), and B.S. (1976) from Purdue University. His major area of study is consumer psychology. Dr. Hoyer's research interests include consumer information processing and decision making, customer relationship management, and advertising information processing (including miscomprehension and humor).

Dr. Hoyer has published over 60 articles in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, and other marketing and psychology forums. He is co-author of a textbook in consumer behavior with Deborah MacInnis (now in the 5th Edition).

His teaching interests include consumer behavior, customer strategy, and integrated marketing communications. He has also taught internationally at the University of Mannheim (including one year during 2006- 7), the University of Muenster, and the Otto Bleisheim School of Management in Germany, the University of Bern in Switzerland, and was a research fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK).


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