Economic & Technology Advisory
Newsletter October 2020

Why Organizations Might Want to Design and Train Less-Than-Perfect AI

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Putting Together a Search Party for Better Covid-19 Treatments

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Staggered Adoption of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions to Contain COVID-19 Across U.S. Counties

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How Business Disruption Can Accelerate a New Kind of Technology Leadership

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Government Agencies Examine How Healthcare is Challenging Traditional Antitrust Models

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In these most turbulent times, we are thankful for your time and attention as we continue to share insights from our expert community. Those insights are particularly meaningful where they seek to address the existential health challenges we all face, and that remains our subject in today’s Keystone economics and technology advisory (E.T.A.) newsletter.

Susan Athey and Joshua Gans take on the pressing subject of AI in the workplace suggesting that too much authority to AI systems can unintentionally reduce human motivation. We also highlight work from Rena Conti who co-authored an opinion piece with Susan Athey and others on the need to repurpose generic drugs that have been identified as having promise to treat the symptoms of COVID-19.

Keystone’s COVID-19 NPI dataset continues to support interesting research–and we showcase a significant paper that builds on that dataset. It has been an honor to be included in the works of such esteemed organizations as Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to name a few.

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Jeff Marowits

President, Keystone Strategy