Career Path

  • 1. Associate

    Recent graduates and professionals beginning their careers, Associates work directly with senior team members and experts -- and independently -- to make a significant impact on client projects and deliverables.

  • 2. Consultant / Economist

    Recent MBAs, PhDs or with relevant work experience, they manage projects and evaluate complex data sets to develop transformative insights. They also establish relationships with external experts and drive key internal initiatives.

  • 3. Engagement Manager

    With substantive work experience or academic expertise, they lead projects by nurturing external relationships, managing internal teams and making an extraordinary impact for clients. All while helping shape local office culture.

  • 4. Principal

    Rising from exceptional performance at Keystone, Principals shape project design and scope and develop high-functioning teams, including senior members. They drive key firm-wide initiatives including business development and nurturing our internal culture.

  • 5. Partner

    After demonstrating exceptional ability with client projects, internal development and doing great things, our path leads to Partner. They support teams to help them deliver their best work, develop firm leaders and guide our economics and culture.


Here’s how we could work together to solve challenges facing our clients. We apply a team approach to our client’s needs, which allows us to bring to bear a number of talented consultants with a variety of special skills. These highly diverse, specialized team members offer expertise in economics, computer science and machine learning, engineering, statistics, data science, operations and process optimization and other unique skills we seek on behalf of our clients.


Recent college graduates, or with 1-2 years experience, Associates work closely with managers and partners to engage leading clients. Building management, problem solving and communication skills, they conduct research, analyze data, manage interviews and deliver client recommendations. We invest heavily in Associates, with an exceptional record of alumni going on to top MBA programs, key roles in growth firms or founding entrepreneurial ventures. Our Associates are prepared to lead.



Whether joining us as MBAs, experienced PhDs, experienced consultants from leading firms or product managers from tech companies, Consultants play a substantial role across Keystone. They drive client engagements by defining workflows, drawing conclusions from complex data sets, delivering presentations and managing relationships. They’re a crucial part of our future growth, developing our culture, hiring and mentoring employees and participating in new business development. Our entrepreneurial culture offers Consultants opportunities for rapid development and promotion.



With Masters or PhD degrees from leading global institutions, Economists at Keystone gain traction over complex data sets to deliver actionable advice for Fortune 100 companies and leading organizations. Our Economists work in a collegial, dynamic environment offering substantial resources, data and access to academic thought leaders to help them develop creative solutions fueled by critical thinking and new ideas. Economists work on a wide range of projects, across varied industries, spanning geographic areas.



Get to Know Us

Our team includes some of the brightest minds from around the globe who recognize that there is always more to learn. They inspire us to deepen our own expertise, pursue forward-looking solutions and be exceptional colleagues committed to the stewardship of our culture. Learn more about who we are, our work and what inspires us to Do Great Things.


Keystone team members have an adventurous spirit. Almost 70% of Keystone employees have traveled to 10 or more countries, with a median of 11 countries visited across all employees.


Our diversity helps us come up with transformative ideas - over 35% of Keystone employees were born outside the United States.


Entrepreneurs at heart, more than a third of our employees intend to start their own company.